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Linear Bench Power Supply Kit

Linear Bench Power Supply Kit

SKU: 2021050205

Essential to any test bench is a power supply. It is often beneficial to have more than one, especially when working with multiple voltages, split-rail designs or to achieve higher voltages. This design will allow you to have two isolated voltages that are independently controlled while learning about linear regulators. This design boasts 0-15VDC output at 300mA for each channel. The Linear design ensure a minimum noise floor and the limited current can help to protect circuits. This unique design allows the circuit bords to create a partial enclosure in a formfactor that is ideal for small spaces. Highly customizable, the PCBs come with full schematics and a BoM that can be modified to suit your parts supplier or specific needs.

  • Input 120 VAC
  • Output 0-15 VDC
  • Output 300mA
  • Isolated outputs
  • Provisions for digital voltmeter display
  • PCBs create 3 sided enclosure
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